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Fire Prevention Tips 2


1. Define your defensible space.
Create a 30 foot zone of fire-resistant space
around your home to prevent fires from starting
near or spreading to your home.

2. Reduce flammable vegetation and brush
around your home.
Juniper, bitterbrush and manzanita are
highly flammable. Replace them with fire-resistant
shrubs like Vine Maple and Lilac.

3. Reduce the density of nearby trees.
Remove or thin overcrowded or small
diameter trees. Prune low hanging branches
from the ground to eliminate “ladder fuels."

4. Keep grass and weeds cut low.
Trim grass and weeds to less than 4” to prevent
rapid spread of fire and high flames.

5. Clear wood piles and building materials
away from your home and outbuildings.
Keep burnable materials at least 20 feet
from your home and outbuildings. Clear all
brush at least 10 feet away from wood and debris piles.

6. Keep your yard and roof clean.
Clear pine needles, leaves and debris from
your yard, roof and gutters to eliminate
ignition sources. Remove overhanging and dead limbs.

7. Keep address signs visible for easy access.
Post easy-to-read address signs and trim
vegetation away from driveways so firefighters
can find and access your home quickly.

8. Choose fire-resistant roofing materials.
Use fire-resistant materials like composition
shingles, metal or tile roofing. Install spark
arrestors on chimneys to prevent sparks from
igniting your roof or surrounding vegetation.

9. Use alternatives to burning debris.
Instead of burning, recycle or compost your yard waste.

10. Be prepared to respond to wildfire.
Keep a 72-hour kit handy. Know the evacuation
routes from your neighborhood and practice with
your family, using a checklist of what to take
and how to prepare your home before leaving.

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